Well, hello

It's a little dusty over here...I have certainly fallen off the blogging bandwagon. I'm not gonna try to catch up from where I left off. Just gonna start with 2014...except for this pic which must be posted because it's current and taken with a self timer (which makes me laugh) but is one of my favs. I love these people. With all my heart. 

Little Man

My little Kutter is growing up. He lost his first tooth this past week. The crazy tooth fairy messed up & didn't make it the first night but she got things straightened out the next. Fairies!!! 
He starts kindergarten this week and is so excited to be the first KG to go to school that lost a tooth before 1st grade. 


Happy trails to you; till we meet again

Road trip to Sparta, TN today to say goodbye to my grandparents and uncle. Thankful for the memories I have of holidays at the farm. Grateful to see extended family that we haven't seen in years. Appreciative of those that have lived before me...their history & examples are important and I love to share them with my children.

My grandfather was a WW2 vet. Having that aspect at the service was very touching. The 21 gun salute had the boys attention for sure but hearing taps touched their little hearts. Kooper, especially, was moved to tears. A very sweet moment.


April Fools

I actually remembered it was April fool's BEFORE April 1st this year. Kinda hard to miss it thanks to Pinterest. It was nothing major but I did draw mustaches on all the boys while they slept. I had a hard time keeping quiet while doing it cause they looked so funny. The giggles upon discovery in the morning were hilarious. They ran to see if Kyla had one too. She didn't. Maybe next year.

For after school, I did homemade bagels for the first time. It was easy to convince them they were homemade doughnuts since I've never made either. They weren't too disappointed upon first bite though since they love bagels.

So, nothing major or fancy but memories made and now recorded!


This tall fella came strutting out of
after-school art class with this little number. My boys make me smile.


High School Musical

My friend Stephanie & I took our eldest boys on a date. I was not totally upfront about what we were going to do but we did tell them that fro-yo was involved after. They were up for anything with that reward in front of them!

So, we dressed up after the ballfields & took them to see our local high school perform High School Musical. It was cute and I love exposing my boys to something other than an athletic event. Thankfully Mimi watched miss Kyla so we could enjoy the performance. We picked her up after & she enjoyed a few licks of frozen deliciousness too! Forgot to take pics with our friends but here's one of us after our evening....

Now to find something similar for Kooper & Kutter!


Don't mind if I do

This bag of truffles made it's way with Kyle from Vegas on Friday. Yum!!! What man goes to Vegas with one dollar in his pocket, by the way? And comes back with the same dollar??? Mine. Love him. We had a few hours with just us & the baby before the troops were home from school. It was wonderful.

Back to my truffles. He did leave me with 3 kids tonight while he just had one at the ballpark. I rewarded myself with some deliciousness for surviving and for cooking major breakfasts & good meals all week long due to testing at school. Whew!

I love him for keeping me in a supply of good chocolate but i do need a serious hiatus from it. This baby weight has got to come off!

Times are changing

New bath sponges were selected today. Mine is the blue one. All the brothers wanted pink. It's their new favorite color. Love what this little girl has brought to our home.


Well hello homerun hitter!

This little man cranked his first rocket tonight. It was a walk off homerun to win the ballgame. He was so proud and I HATE that I missed it. I took the other kids home for bed since they have tests this week. Way to go, kutter!!!!



It was hard to pic from the over priced mall pictures this year.  This one won out but the one where they were all sleeping, including Santa, was very cute too.
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tweet tweet

This picture was from November.  Sweet little birdie clip.  Kissable cheeks & darling little rosebuds on her outfit.  awwwwwww!
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Karson's 9th

This tall fella of mine wanted to celebrate his birthday with a little bowling & video game/laser tag adventure.  

Kutter got the first strike.  Love the celebration.

Karson was sick when Kyla was born.  So, about 3 weeks later he finally decided he was ready to hold her.  He is such a good helper with his little sis.  

He requested Cafe Rio Pork Salads (even though he's never actually been to a Cafe Rio he likes my version) and an ice cream cake.  

Totally fuzzy but this picture completely captures Karson's outgoing and sometimes goofy personaility.  

I think he wished for books.  This kid is NEVER without a book these days, which is awesome and totally strage to me that sometimes I have to take it away for a punishment.  At 9 years old, he still loves all things sugar, playing the piano (especially his recital pieces that he memorizes super fast), reading, and playing lots of different sports.
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12 Days New


My sweet friend, Liz spent some time capturing our little sweetie.  We love this little girl!
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It was freezing cold to carve pumpkins this year.  Little Kyla and I stayed nice and warm inside while the boys got to work.
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Halloween 2012

It seems like Halloween goes on for days now...church parties, school activities, actual trick or treat.  We had several costume changes and WAAAY too much candy.  The energy was at an all time every time I pulled out the camera.  Don't ya love the expressions?
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She arrives!  Long feet.  Long fingers.  Hair.  And looks similar to her brothers.

BUT she blew all the boys away with her stats!  

Fresh from heaven and a perfect addition to our family.  Love! More pictures are on my phone but I have not uploaded them yet.

Kyla LaRee Gay
Born 10.17.2012
9 lbs 4 oz
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A bigger car was necessary...and the crunch to finish my DIY nursery projects.  I think Kyle would prefer no more Craigslist "treasures" for a while.  They take me a LOOONG time to finish.   
A car seat I installed incorrectly...so no one freak out...Kyle fixed it. 
The night before her birth.  I tried to make it special with a fun meal and evening together.  HOWEVER, the details are all fuzzy (thankfully). This is the only smile Kooper managed that night and then went back to a tantrum.  Karson was grumpy but justified since he woke up the next morning with a very bad cold (perfect timing) and I think Kutter was in his I'm extremely crazy and uncontrollable mood.  My last night with just a family of boys was not quite how I envisioned but memorable, nonetheless. 
We were in this tiny room from 5am till 2pm.  The hospital was extremely full.  My plan for this induction was to get there have my water broken, maybe start a little pitocin, if needed, and have a baby by about 10am.  That's how things would have gone down had I had a room.  However, I did not want to deliver in this closet.  Yes, I realize how spoiled that sounds considering people have given birth outdoors in the dead of winter for thousands of years...BUT I have the option and this was not the option I wanted.  So, we waited.  And changed plans.  About 11ish I got an epidural.  Which made me laugh because after they had it going they kept asking if I was feeling relief.  HA!  I was in no pain before but I've felt plenty of labor pain in my life and decided that this time was going to be in comfort.  THEN we got the pitocin pumping for a while (cause those contractions are torture and I was a smart cookie who got the drugs before instead of after), then broke the water a while later, then got a room,  then pushed about 2 times and had our sweet little girl join our family.  Pictures coming....


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brace yourself for pictures

I'm just gonna start with the month of September because that's what popped up first when I opened pictures.  For those that are interested, here's what we've been up to...

Even though September was hot, we changed out the boy's closets because I did not want to deal with the mess once the baby came.  Kooper wanted to sit in the bucket and let me do the work but a little candy motivation and he was good to go.  That kid can rock some chores, when he's in the mood and candy is offered.  

My belly a few weeks before delivery.  I get big.  I was waiting in the preschool line and bored.  I have no excuse to be bored with a smart phone.  But I was.  Cause I was big.  

I did the DIY thing for the nursery and am so happy with how it turned out.  Didn't spend a lot and I think she'll love it for years to come.  Or at least I will!

This little man turned 5 and requested a rainbow cake.  He also goes through kicks where he likes to do his own hair.  It requires LOTS of hair gel.  Mr. Randy, our neighbor, asked Kutter to come style his so they could match.  Mr. Randy is a good sport.  Remember Denis the Menice?  Mr. Randy is our Mr. Wilson...he's not mean and grumpy though but I'm sure my boys can drive him crazy.  

We had our 12 year anniversary.  I think we went to Atlanta for a temple and ikea date.  I was big.  I don't think I was very fun.  I tried to make things better by surprising Kyle with new shoes and a belt he's been eyeing for a long time.  I love when he wears them.  Navy shoes with red laces...snazzy!

Kutter's birthday date with Dad.  He chose Red Robin's for lunch and chose a few fun toys.  

The school fall festival...Kutter was the only one who went for the colored hair this year.  Then it poured down rain and ruined his dye job.  He was not happy.  All the black that was behind his ears 3 days later when he went to school that I didn't notice made me laugh.  He had bathed.  I did not scrub.  He looked rather dirty.  I was big.  I didn't really care.    

The family all came over to celebrate this little guy.  It's fun to have them all living so close.  

Obligatory birthday picture with mom.

Karson & Kooper are still doing the competitive swimming thing.  I love watching them.  They don't love practicing but they are such fast little fish that I'm not letting them give it up yet.  

Crazy cousins playing dress up at Mimi's.  Emaline makes me laugh.

This boy is obsessed with wildlife of any kind.  This particular day he was going hiking around our yard to catch anything he could find.  His backpack was full of snacks and he latched on his waterbottle.  

He came back after his long hike, showered and showed me that he really did catch something.  Well, hello miss monarch butterfly!

Getting close.  And bigger.  

Trying to eat healthy but sweets are my weakness.  Resulting in my pregnancy largeness.

These boys LOVE art.  LOVE IT!

They are also quite good at balloon art too.  

A little frozen yogurt stash.

Helping with the DIY dresser redo for baby sister.  We modpodged wrapping paper into the drawers cause they were kind gross.  

Boys first fun run for the BYU alumni.

That's about it.  I'm sure I have typos but Miss Kyla needs to eat so I'm not going to proof read.  Her post is coming soon.

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